Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Motorola Android Phone Featured 2Ghz Processor?

     Motorola has confirmed to PhoneScoop that the company plans to ship a smartphone this year with a 2-GHz microprocessor inside of it.
This is news, not of least of which because none of the embedded microprocessor manufacturers have announced a 2-GHz microprocessor as yet. Qualcomm has announced plans to manufacture a dual-core Snapdragon chip, eventually taking the existing single-core platform to 1.5-GHz speeds.
What’s unclear, however, is what this will do for the phone’s battery life. While some older Android phones appear sluggish compared to the latest smartphones like the EVO 4G, the knock on those high-end phones is that the additional horsepower and larger displays have severely crimped battery life. (I still think those concerns can be mitigated by turning off some of the location-based services for normal use, but I think I’m in the minority.)
In any event, however, I’d say that the direction smartphones need to go is to establish a robust one-day minimum uptime with all features turned on, and then worry about additional horsepower. If Motorola has indeed met these minimums, then this unannounced 2-GHz platform may be one to watch.

Source: mobibu.com

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